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Welcome home my darling!

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I'm so glad you're here...

Hello love, I'm Heather! I'm passionate about helping women find confidence in who they are, what they have to offer and how to show up in their online biz unapologetically in their divine feminine energy.


I specialize in helping you find & implement your perfect intuitive biz systems, refine your message, master your mindset, and recognize that you are fantastic AF. Together, we punch your fears in the throat and dissolve blocks like whoa.

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I've had battles with self-confidence & fear of being seen throughout my entire life...

Body image issues and depression held me captive and stopped me from pursuing my dreams. Being on video terrified me and I couldn't seem to even nail down what I stood for. Now, I'm determined to keep other women away from this dark place!

I show women how fun it is to run their business from a feminine paradigm, monetize their visibility with ease, get pumped about their gifts & message and thrilled to show up BOLDLY & share it with other people!


They bust through their fears and embrace their badassness.​

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"You know the feeling when you were a kid and you were about to get the best gift ever? That's the feeling I got when leaving my content planning call with Heather. Full of excitement, moving from a fuzzy cloud of ideas to a clearly structured approach for my launch with lots of room to flow and tap into my creative juiciness along the way.


It felt easy, pleasant and I'm leaving, not only feeling like this is totally doable, but this is going to be mega successful too! Super recommend! Thanks Heather!!"


Xine La Fontaine, Tantric Empowerment Coach

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The women that I work with fall in love with themselves and everything they have to offer. The result?

The world falls in love with them too!

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