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A Luxury Immersive Experience to Amplify Your
Intuition, Impact & Income
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This is a 3-day in person VIP experience in Orlando, FL for the woman who is ready to go collapse time and create massive impact & income.


Imagine planning an entire year -- from the ins and outs of your program launches to cash flow projections and then receive in person energy healing sessions to remove all blocks around
success, money, visibility and receiving.


You will leave feeling excited, embodied, prepared and certain AF about the next steps in your business AND in your healing.

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"Before I met Heather, I was struggling to stay consistent, feeling insecure and hiding, avoiding taking action that would move the needle. Heather helped me stay consistent and stretched me to take action I would otherwise not have taken to move my business in the right direction. I've learnt so much and feel like I have all the foundations for launching a very successful business!"


- Johanna Lundström, Health & Wellness Coach, CA

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Day 1 Flow​:

  • Morning rhythms and breakfast

  • 10am-4:30pm Biz planning

    • Offer creation and pricing, Launch planning, and cash flow projection

  • 6pm Dinner


Day 2 Flow:​​

  • Morning rhythms and breakfast

  • 10am-12pm Chakra balancing healing session

  • 1-5pm Art therapy session + Photo Shoot

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Day 3 Flow:​​

  • Morning rhythms and breakfast

  • 10am-1pm Action Plan creation & Integration

  • 1-1:30pm Goodbyes


What's Included:​​

  • All expenses paid, you only handle your airfare to Orlando, FL.

  • 3 days/3 nights with me in a luxury location of your choosing.

  • Professional Photo Shoot

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$5k in full or 5 payments of $1111

You will also receive...

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The 2-2-2 Support Package:


two pre-VIP calls


two post-VIP calls with Heather


two months Voxer Support after our time together in Orlando