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Client Love

She helped me to own being myself...

Before I met Heather I was in hiding. I was so afraid of telling family and friends that I had walked away from being an engineer to becoming a Weight Loss Surgery Coach because I didn't know how they would respond. I didn't know what they would think about not only that I'd had the surgery myself, but I had also left engineering behind for good to follow this deep rooted calling and desire of mine. Because of Heather's boldness, candidness and her wild & free personality, she has helped me to own being myself. Through watching her and being a part of her Explosive Exposure community I've learned so much about how I want to show up. Heather is freaking A-MAZ-ING! If your thinking about working with her… SMART MOVE!!! This woman is a true gift for building your confidence, helping you to own your truth and lighting a fire to your dreams. She is an absolute beauty to say the least

Souivon Hollins, Weight Loss Surgery Coach, Specializing in Addiction Transfer Prevention and Recovery

Working with Heather was the much needed kick in the ass I needed

 I really needed the specifics to go out there and do it and Heather breaks it down into smaller, easier chunks and provides lots of encouragement, which totally makes it fun and easy to manage. The group was very supportive and also helps when we are being too critical of ourselves.....This is a great opportunity to get some great exposure and CONFIDENCE!


Jeannie Kulwin, Health Coach, CA

Heather is amazing and her positive energy is contagious!

Heather goes above and beyond to provide support/stretch for you - she's always there for you. Before I met Heather, I was struggling to stay consistent, a feeling insecure and hiding, avoiding taking action that would move the needle. Heather helped me stay consistent and stretched me to take action I would otherwise not have taken to move my business in the right direction. I've learnt so much and feel like I have all the foundations for launching a very successful business! Heather, the program and the support/accountability is just what you need for setting up a successful coaching business!

Johanna Lundström, Health & Wellness Coach, CA

A lifelong commitment to bettering and sharing...

Having worked with Heather, I've seen her gain confidence and huge insights into her journey and self. Given the many changes and challenges in her life, she's been able to see them as exciting learning and growing experiences instead of roadblocks. Her contagious passion and drive as well as willingness to own and share her story make for a fun, energetic, and insightful individual who has shown a lifelong commitment to bettering herself and sharing it with others. I'm so proud of how far she's come and am excited to see what the future may bring for her and the lives she touches! 

Hansie Wong, MD - Integrative Health & Wellness, WA

Heather brings a confidence that really makes

you feel like you can be who you are...

Amanda is a Fempreneur Empowerment Coach, helping female entrepreneurs break through the bullshit mindset they get stuck in as they begin their entrepreneur adventure. She inspires women to practice daily self care and to gain more confidence to step into the true badass boss babes they are. Amanda teaches lady bosses to take control of their life, enjoy the freedom to be themselves, build their business their own way, and make time for what's most important to them - without needing anyone else's permission!

Amanda McNair - Authentic Soul Coaching, Canada

Heather is like a REFRESH button for your life!

I am a true introvert through and through but Heather's genuine effervescent personality encourages me out of my shell to express myself in a new, bold, fun-loving way. Like so many, I'm also guilty of taking life way too seriously and Heather always brings me back to the Now. She's shown me how to enjoy and savor each moment, both literally with food but also all the delicious bits I would otherwise skim over in daily life. She's my go-to guru for all things nutrition or when my heart just needs a lift. She's so genuinely caring and sees the beauty in me even when I have trouble seeing it myself. 

Erica Guimond - Love and Relationship Expert, WA

I now have a clear target market!

Before I worked with Heather I was struggling with making decisions and also identifying my ideal target market for my niche service. What changed for me from our work together was that I was able to identify and articulate some fears and connect them to my inability to make decisions. Heather brought a very strong feminine energy into my work zone…something that I had been blocked to receiving, even from myself.  

Through creating such an authentic connection, she was able to empower me to embrace this energy, get creative, get confident and to get real about who I want to work with. My biggest breakthrough with Heather is that I now have a clear target market that aligns with me authentically and some tools in my toolbox to combat fear and procrastination when they pop up! If you’re thinking of working with her do it immediately. 

Danielle Bartolini - Ramble Sorter, Australia

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