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The retreat to activate your Wild Divine Feminine CEO self, and initiate Quantum Expansion in your biz.

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Join us for a Four Day all-inclusive & Immersive Spiritual Biz Retreat in the heart of Florida for Multi Passionate Witchy Coaches & Creatives, Heart Centered Healers, and Soul Led Change Makers

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Calling all Witches, New World Weavers, Change Makers, Paradigm Shifters, Cycle Breakers and Healers
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It is here.

It is time.

It is YOUR time.

It is OUR time.

The Wild Divine Feminine CEO’s are R I S I N G!

Will you join us?

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Image by Becca Tapert

You are here to rise up using your unique gifts, and construct a New World.


A world of genuine love.


Authentic expression.


Vulnerable connection.


And of freedom.



A world where money never again has to be the reason for saying “no” to something your heart desires.


A world where we teach our children a healthy respect for the flow of currency.


A world that shows up for US, as we show up for IT.




The Old Paradigm is finished.

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I am on a mission to empower women all over the globe - to help destroy the shackles of financial slavery.


I deeply desire a world where women can have a loving, healthy and intimate relationship with money, themselves, their business and selling.


I have every intention of being at the forefront of this shift that’s occurring, because I was born for this.


YOU were born for this, too.


Because WE were born to LEAD.


And we will lead with Sacred Responsibility, deep love, and mutual respect for all.

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This is our gifting, our service, our light.


Empowered Embodied Divine & Loving Leadership.


Will you join me?

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The Wild Divine Feminine
CEO Retreat is enrolling!

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During this retreat, we will do 6-9 months of DEEP work in a matter of days in an immersive experience like this. These containers are POWERFUL AF.


Being immersed in the group's energy creates deep safety & I’m an EPIC community builder & space holder.


Join me, my exceptional team of co-facilitators and 7 other women for the journey of a lifetime.

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This experience, combined with profound self-healing is designed to flow into your business to activate your Wild Divine Feminine CEO self, and support Quantum Expansion in your biz.
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What We'll Be Exploring:

  • Self-Leadership

  • Self-Intimacy

  • Embodiment

  • Energy healing

  • Mothering the Mother

  • Processing Mother Wounds

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Energetic Womb Work

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden
Image by Emily Bauman

Activities Will Include:

  • Wish Rituals by Silver Lining Wishes

  • Creative Arts

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Movement Practices

  • Group Reiki Healings

  • Q3 & Q4 Biz Planning

  • Daily Breathwork Sessions

(among other amazing things I have brewing in my cauldron!)

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

My love, this is your cordial invitation to come be held in
Sacred Siblinghood.


Let us hold you in all your bigness.


We are delightfully awaiting your Sacred Yes.

Let us walk hand in hand - side by side - shoulder to shoulder.


Linking arms with Soul Family on this wild and precious journey of life and business.


Where there is no destination.


Only ascension.

Only expansion.

Only evolution.

Myself and the amazing team of exceptional Souls I’ve gathered to facilitate this experience - are waiting for your Sacred Yes.


I can personally guarantee this Sacred Yes will change your life in unimaginable ways.

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5/4/22 - 5/8/22


(flexible payment options available - a non-refundable deposit of $555 holds your spot!)

What's Included:

  • All expenses, food, accommodations, airport transfer covered, you only handle your airfare to Orlando, FL & Uber back to the airport

  • 3 days/4 nights with me & my team and 7 other women in a luxury Villa

  • Professional Photo Shoot

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You will also receive

The 2-2-2 Support Package:


two pre-retreat calls +

two post-retreat calls with Heather

two months Messenger Support after our time together in Orlando

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