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Currency Consciousness 101

Alright. So I've been focused a lot on transformation of my relationship with money. FKN money. No, wait. Money honey! SEE what just happened???

This is part of the problem we have as a culture, right? It's one extreme or the other. We either hate money, or hate that we don't have enough of it ("money is the root of all evil") *or* we love it too much, and worship it and are obsessed with it...y'know?

OR - what if we could find a happy medium? OR - what if we could change entirely how we see money?

The reason I titled this post "Currency Consciousness 101" is because, I think we have SO much to learn about money mindset, how conscious we are about our relationship with money, how fiscally fit we are, and how we even choose to connect with our money AND how we look at our finances!

It's all a matter of perspective right??

Quite some time ago, I watched a YouTube video of a person showing a huge wad of money. They asked, "How does seeing this money make you feel? What is your emotional & physiological response?"

Imma be straight with you, it creeped me out. BC it made me feel dirty for wanting it, and ANGRY for not having it.

That's a freakin LOT of negativity, amiright?

Here's the deal. What I'm learning is that how I relate to money is a CHOICE.

So I wanna let you in on a little secret. Normally I would NEVER share anything like this publicly, but f*ck it. I really think that sharing this can help many others in their quest for health, wealth and happiness...

I decided to start having "Money Parties"

WTF is a money party???

I'll tell ya. You might laugh at me. You might think I'm a weirdo (which I am, and happily own every bit of it...LOL!), you might think I'm crazy...or you might see a small piece of yourself in my silly/crazy/transformational experience and story...

(Can you tell I'm trying to keep you in suspense? haha)

Alright, so you might know that we are moving. My hubby and I are taking up our roots in WA and we are moving across the country to FL, and part of this move has really encouraged me to release my shitty money story.

As in, what am I available for? What am I SUBCONSCIOUSLY making myself available for?

Anyway, we are selling a lot of our stuff, and we have a lot of stuff. Living in one house for 8 years, I've accumulated quite a bit of stuff. And I've really enjoyed most of my stuff.

But sometimes stuff carries energy.

Ya pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?

So the moral of the story is that I've been releasing in a MAJOR way energetically, and calling in more money to my experience!

A couple of weeks ago, I had about $3k cash in my wallet, and I told Doug I wanted to have a money party.

I'll admit, he looked at me funny, but he never questions my crazy ideas, lol he just smiles at me and accepts all angles of my crazy...

Anyway - so we had a money party!

I grabbed all the cash out of my wallet, it was $3,072 total, and I just threw it up in the air.

I fkn made it rain!

What do you feel when you see money?

I threw it all over the bedroom!!!

I picked it up when it fell down on the bed, or the floor, and I rubbed it all over myself!

I said, "I love money and money loves me! This money is SO good to me! Thank you Universe for transforming the energy of my things into this amazing money!"

Just for the record, I highly recommend throwing your own money party.

When we consciously and intentionally CHANGE the way we feel about money (or anything really) by interrupting our own pattern of response, we can shift things deep inside to be MORE in alignment with what we want, or where we want to be.

I am consciously making more space, for more money. For financial security. To be relaxed about money. Not to be stressed about it!

I ended up depositing some of the money party cash into the bank, to pay some bills, but I'm currently working on drawing more cashola back into my experience, bc I feel that it's time to have another money party!!! And I can't wait, bc they are SO MUCH FUN!

What is one thing you could do today, or even right now, to SHIFT your currency consciousness?

If you were able to shift your attitude towards money, finances, bills, credit cards, would that change the way you SHOW UP in your life? How would it change the way you SHOW UP when you're sitting down to pay your bills?

Stay tuned for more on Currency Consciousness - I'm going to be putting together some super fun shit around money mindset, finances, and relationship to money!

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