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*** Enter the Dark Mistress ***

Most of you know that I’m sober and in recovery. For those of you who might not know, (and for everyone else too!) I’m super excited to share some juicy bits of my journey with you.

Since April is my “soberversary month” I wanted to delve deep into the darker side of my own past, and hopefully uncover some things about myself, and share with you vulnerably in hopes that someone else might be able to relate, and be inspired by my story.

So you might notice my feed looking a little “darker” than usual. I want to preface this chapter of my life with the fact (which most of you probably know) that we ALL have a shadow self. A darker side of our personality if you will.

I personally believe that when we are TRUE to ourselves, we are NOT shutting that part of us out. We accept that it’s part of us, and we use that part of ourselves as a TOOL and as a way to find BALANCE in our LightWork.

So, in essence, you’ll get to see the transformation of my life as I expose what I went thru in the darkest times of my active addiction, tying it all back in to HOW I got thru it, and how I was able to transform my life, and emerge from that dark place CONFIDENT and VICTORIOUS.

I realize that we all have certain thresholds of things we’ve done, or experienced, or even what we can handle. My purpose is to decondition the people around me from the sickening HIDING that we’ve all been forced into.

I believe that no man, woman or child should ever feel the need to “hide” parts of themselves.

Join me as I rip my story open and expose the nastiest parts of myself and my addiction leading up to the moment when I woke up on a new day, as a new person, sober, awake, and ready to change. Ready to be reborn as the spiritual being I am having the human experience that I’m having…

I encourage you to ask questions and reach out anytime you feel drawn to! I am fucking TOTALLY approachable, lol ask any of my friends or followers. I pride myself in being a kind and down-to-earth kinda girl, in life, in love, in biz. Basically, I'm just a real person. Like you!

Strap in, this is gonna be a dope ass ride! For you AND for me!

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