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Give me all the tools!

Being a small business owner comes with SO much responsibility.

You have to not only create the business including any services and products that you will offer, learn how to sell them, create a marketing plan, actually get the work done… the list goes on.

Girl, you’ve got your hands full! 😳

Let me lighten your load and make things a little easier by sharing a few of my most favorite business tools with you. They’ll help save you time, $$$, and get more $hit done!

Acuity Scheduler

Save yourself so much time in back and forth emails by allowing clients to set up their own appointments with you. This self-serve platform gives you full control over your schedule!

You set up your availability, determine the prices, and let the rest take care of its self. Not only can clients set up appointments, but they can also pay online when they book – an option you can make required if you’d like. Try it now free. 💸

Hautestock Stock Photos

“Stunning photography is your secret weapon to building a polished and professional brand that gets noticed.” –

Can I get an amen!? You know what your peeps want to see and that list includes gorgeous graphics made from carefully curated photos that fit your brand. 📷

While there are many options for stock images that range from free to super expensive, you’re going to fall in love with the images you find on! Wondering what the difference is between their site and others? Take a quick peek at their Visual Branding Blog. Enough said!

Conscious Calendars

Are you ready for a planner that’s going to boost your positive vibes and capitalize on your natural energies? You need Conscious Calendars. ✨

They help bring the power of Vedic astrology to your daily life in a fun and exciting way. With their plans starting at just $12.95/month, how can you risk not knowing which days you are celestially designed to attract opportunity or risk? Know the details and get your schedule planned accordingly. Here’s the link to get started today.

Do want to share your list of tools or secret weapons help you save time, money, and maximize your efficiency? Share them with me! I am all about learning and growing and trying new things. Leave a link in the comments below. xo

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