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How to Live Purposely

We should probably start by discussing what exactly it is to live purposely.

Anyone else a dictionary nerd? 🤪

In short, it describes the act of taking control of your situation in order to create the life that you want to live.

Whatever you can imagine, it is absolutely possible for you to make that happen. You can accomplish anything you set out to do, if you live with purpose and take action with intent.

Here are three things you need to know about living purposely and how to totally crush the things that are holding you back from being successful in whatever the adventure or business is that you’ve always dreamed of.

#1 – Nothing binds you except your thoughts. 💭

You can be whatever you dream. Truly. But this means that you must dream.

You have to eliminate any thoughts you have that hold you back, that keep you in a daily routine you don’t love. You must break out of the 9 to 5 chains, the traditional careers, the ‘normal’ way of living, and believe that something else is possible. You have to know deep down inside that there is a world outside of your four walls.

Most importantly though – you have to understand that you can create anything you want, if you’re willing to put in the hard work required to get there.

>> Have you seen the Steve Harvey talk about faith? Check it out here to listen to what he has to say about this beautiful lesson he preaches. It’s amazing!

#2 – Nothing limits you except your fear. 🔥

Fear is a b*tch and often one of the hardest things to conquer. Fear of failing, fear of rejection, fear of not being able to accomplish whatever it is that you set out to do.

Don’t let fear limit you. You won’t regret trying something new and possibly failing. You will absolutely regret never trying. Take a chance and try something new today.

#3 – Nothing controls you except your beliefs. 💪🏼

If I could tell you one thing, it is this… YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. I believe in YOU!

Unfortunately, I can tell you this all day long and it might go in one ear and out the other. In order to live purposely and start creating the life that you want to live, you need to absolutely believe in yourself. Believe that you are strong. You are important. You are capable of doing incredible things.

This is one of the things that I really love going deep into with my private coaching and group coaching, setting a mindset that allows you to live purposely. Moving the needle and kicking ass!

Mindset is QUEEN!

If you'd like to dig in and develop YOUR success mindset & make more MONEY & CALL IN MORE aligned clients to your practice, book yourself a complimentary strategy session with me to see if we're a match made in heaven!

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