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Interviews, Features, and Podcasts – Oh My!

Your family and friends know all about your business.

You’ve blasted your information across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

But you’re ready for more. Right?

You want to get the word out about your business to help it grow on a consistent business and to have that information working for you even when you aren’t hitting ‘publish’ on your own social media platforms.

So, what do you do? How do you communicate your message to the masses if you aren’t

out there screaming it from the rooftops? 😳

One of the best ways to spread the message beyond the bounds of your own personal connections and social profiles, is by reaching out to influencers whose followers fall

within your target market.

The idea here is that you find your ideal person and ask them to connect.

When they agree to collaborate with you, the next conversation you’ll need to have is about the "how’s" behind the relationship.

  • Do they plan on interviewing you for a new blog post?

  • Publishing a guest post that you have to write on the home page of their website?

  • Featuring you and your business in a social media post?

  • Allowing you to make a guest appearance on their podcast?

There are a zillion different ways that this type of situation can play out, but the goal remains the same. You want to provide value, expand your reach & grow your business! 😻


Here are THREE things you need to consider before the actual collaboration takes place:

First, you need to be clear on the message that you want to send. What exactly do you want their audiences to know about you and your business? How do you want them to perceive you? What value do you provide and how can it help them?

Second, understand the boundaries of the relationship. Are you there just to provide information to the person you’re collaborating with or is it okay to plug (aka advertise) your own services and/or products? Finding out if there are any rules in advance will help avoid any awkward situations.

Third, please be prepared! Before you go live on any social platforms, get your ducks in a row. Have your website in tip top shape, get your social media posts scheduled or at least your content calendar in line. Make sure that you’re ready for any influx of traffic that may occur once these interviews, features, or podcasts are published.


Do you need to know how to find opportunities to get the word out there? Maybe someone has already asked you to make a guest appearance but you really need help defining your message and getting your ducks in a row. Either way, I can help. Let’s talk! ❤️

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