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Pomodoro says what?

What on earth is the Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique is time management at its finest. You basically break down your

entire to-do list into spurts of focused ‘work’ time, separated by short breaks.

The goal here is to create an optimal work setting where you are highly focused and able to cross things off your list like never before.

Here are four reasons that you should start using the Pomodoro Technique right meow. (lol)

Reason #1 – Control your time. 💣💥

Know that your work day will begin and end at a specific time and work your tail off focusing on taking inspired action during those hours.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: during your break times, rest.

Use these break times to refuel your body with nutritious foods and rest your mind.

Stay off of your phone, step away from the computer, and commit yourself to truly resting.

With time you’ll find that these rest periods will help you to focus at a higher level and achieve more during the work hours.

Reason #2 – Stay motivated. 💣💥

You know what really stinks?

Working really hard.

Then working harder.

Then stepping up your game and working even harder. And never ever getting a break or a reward for your diligence.

When your work day has a beginning and end with breaks in between, you’ll stay motivated

knowing that your next reward (or break) is coming soon.

Reason #3 – Improve your planning. 💣💥

If you know that you have X amount of hours to work during the day, you better get your

schedule straight! Start planning as far out as possible to ensure that you have enough hours in your day to get things done.

Not sure how long it will take? Build in time for that too! If it’s a new task that you've never done before, give yourself extra time to complete the task,

Reason #4 – Decrease mental fatigue. 💣💥

Working constantly at a super low focus rate is incredibly frustrating. You can’t ever seem to

get things done, no projects are ever crossed off the to do list, and in fact – your task list gets

longer throughout the work day.

When you’re a freelancer or just work from home, it’s super easy to stay connected 24/7.

While you might feel like a ‘hustler’ or make yourself believe that you’re getting things done, mental fatigue is just sitting on the sidelines waiting to attack. (Do I smell... "burnout"???)

It may feel like ‘writers block’ or actual physical exhaustion.

Either way, when implemented properly – the Pomodoro Technique helps you set boundaries and forces you to take breaks.

While I can’t guarantee that you won’t be tired, it sure gives you a fighting chance!

Need help implementing the Pomodoro Technique into your already packed and

overwhelmed schedule in order to up your bad ass boss lady game? I can help. Let’s talk.

Helping unapologetic heart-centered soulpreneurs create a life and business they never need a vacation from is my jam boo. 💫

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