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Support Small Businesses. No Purchase Necessary.

Every new business could use a little love from their local community. The problem though, is that friends, family, and neighbors are not always in the position to make a purchase or maybe they just don’t need the products or services being offered.

Here are five different ways you can support a small business without making a single purchase:

Support Option #1Instead of liking a post, use the <3 or wow reaction.

Likes are the most common interaction and while they’re better than nothing, they don’t cause that much of a stir. Leave a cute little heart or a wow face and let people know that you’ve actually read, acknowledged, and enjoyed their post!

Support Option #2 Leave a comment!

Up your game a bit on the social media interaction side and leave a comment rather than a simple reaction. A comment will help move a small business’ post up the newsfeed of those who like their page and get it noticed.

Support Option #3Share. Share. Share.

One of the best things you can do for a small business on social media is to share their posts. You don’t have to share everything. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be on a daily basis. When you feel compelled, just do it.

If you see something that speaks to you or that you know your connections would benefit from seeing, share away! This will allow the small business to reach your audience directly with their post when they may not have been able to otherwise.

Support Option #4 Visit their websites.

Traffic is a big deal when it comes to online businesses, for a number of reasons. We can talk more about that later, but what you need to know when you want to support a small business without making a purchase, is that clicking on their website can mean the world to them.

When you visit their sites, stay a while. Click around on the different pages and actually read through the content. Everyone will love you for it!

Support Option #5Leave a comment on the blog.

Just like social media, comments are important on blog posts too. They may not move the post up a newsfeed, but they help create a sense of legitimacy for potential clients.


Of course the number one thing you can do to support a small business is shop there, but if you aren’t able or just don’t need what they’re offering – know that there are a ton of options.

These five are absolutely free and only take moments to do!

What suggestions do you have for people who want to support the ventures of their family and friends without having to spend a ton of money? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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1 opmerking

10 feb. 2019

Thank you so much for creating this! I absolutely LOVE sharing tips with others about how supportive we can be even if it doesn’t mean spending money.

I think it’s very important that these reminders continue to be shared because we are in a culture where many still need to learn to support small business (as opposed to only buying into larger businesses).

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