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Don't TALK to her that way!!

6 Ways to Improve Your Body Image Starting Today

Does your inner dialogue need a swift kick in the ass every now and then? If your inner goddess is urging you to break out of your shell and embrace the incredible human being that you are, here are six things you can do to improve your body image starting today.

#1 – Don’t worry about other body types.

Every single body is different but the only one that matters is yours. Learning to be comfortable in your own skin is a big deal that starts by focusing on yourself and letting all of the social pressures that come with having a ‘perfect body’ go right out the window. Say sayonara sister and give your inner goddess a high five.

I mean, if you really think about it, the body you have is the one you were meant to have, so be nice to her! F*ck all the perfectionism and give her all the things she needs, water, good nourishing food, restful sleep, time to relax, even some physical touch. Yes, I touch myself! LOL I give my body gratitude in as many ways as I possibly can. She deserves it. She's unique and beautiful and irreplaceable.

#2 – Focus on the things you like about your appearance.

What’s your favorite feature? Everyone has one, don’t be shy! Is it your gorgeous flowing hair or your Kardashian-esque curves? Whatever you like about the way you look, turn it up a notch by focusing on those areas as inspiration for self-love and confidence.

Seriously. If you spent the same amount of time praising your favorite things about your appearance as you did shaming your self, you might find that it actually feels better and you might drop all that self-loathing and frustration and pick up more body-love and more confidence too!

#3 – Give yourself some credit.

We’re taught to be nice to others, but end up being super hard on ourselves and often very unkind. Improve your body image by being totally intentional with your internal dialogue and changing it up from being disappointed about the things you don’t like to instead say one thing you like about yourself every single day. Look in the mirror, say it out loud, write it down. Whatever you need to do to hear it more often and start believing it. You are ah-mazing! 😻


This guide is totally free and ah-mazing. Download it today, here ----> 10 Stupid-Simple Strategies to Help You Build Your Confidence and Be Seen As The Badass You Really Are!

#4 – Focus on your accomplishments.

Remember that your value extends far beyond your physical appearance. Instead of focusing on what you see in the mirror on the daily, spend time celebrating your accomplishments with those you love. The good things in life deserve the majority of your attention! And furthermore, there's nothing too big or too small to celebrate!

So don't stress. And celebrate your awesome achievements. #begrateful

#5 – Throw those magazines in the trash.

Here’s the thing, every image within those pages has been altered in some way. No one actually wakes up looking like a cover model. Women often feel held to these crazy beauty standards that are literally unattainable without the help of a professional photographer, lighting, and a graphic designer who is wildly skilled in Photoshop. Let those dreams go and live a happier life.

#6 – You do not need outside validation.

Let me say this again. You do NOT need someone to validate you as a human being in order to feel good about yourself. Finding confidence and value within your inner dialogue will give you confidence like you’ve never experienced and take your body image to the next level.

Do you need more of the support and love that you’re feeling as you read this? Please get in touch with me! I’d love to connect with you to see if our energies vibe and learn how we might be able to work together in order to take your body image & confidence to a total eleven.

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